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Design & Decor

What does that really mean?  It includes everything from the layout, color scheme, tables, chairs, linens, centerpieces, dinnerware, lighting, specialty furniture, ceiling drapes and so much more!  Yes, it’s also known as rentals. 


                                                                       Deign & Decor is the WOW FACTOR!

                                                                  Why Should You Choose Events by Henson?


We are proud to say, that we own all our Design & Décor inventory.  We do not rely on party rental stores.  We can guarantee the quality and availability of selected inventory.  Our inventory covers a wide range of concepts.  From Rustic to Bling-Bling, Vintage to Sports Themed and Classical Elegance to Disney, we have you covered.  If we don’t have it, we will get it at no extra cost to you!  When you hire us for your Design & Décor, you can trust your ceremony and reception will be designed and decorated exactly as you dreamed, down to the smallest detail!

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